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Ein Team von Remote Viewern, geleitet von Ed Dames, will die Ursache für eine seltene Hautkrankheit und deren Heilmöglichkeit gefunden haben, während die Medizin weiter im Dunkeln tappt. Hier der Otriginaltext der Meldung:

Major Dames and several of his professional team members have focused their attention on the cause and treatment for Morgellons Disease; a rare, but expanding disease in the Southwest United States and other various locations around the world. Patients would complain that their skin feels as though it is "crawling" and many patients claim to have identified extruding white hair-like strands.

After dozens of Remote Viewing sessions, viewers have determined that this disease is caused by an organism in the epidermal layer of skin and is propelled via a single long monotrichous flagellum which appears as a "thread" as it grows and penetrates a patient's skin.

Additional Remote Viewing sessions have concluded that the disease closely resembles filamentous bacteria which is commonly found in wastewater treatment systems and could be treated and possibly cured with antibiotics such as Rocephin or Zithromax. Despite RV data, the FDA is currently looking into the disorder and is searching for a treatment. Please remember to never obtain or consume antibiotics without a doctor's prescription.

Ohne Zweifel kann man mit Remote Viewing solchen Dingen auf den Grund gehen, das haben wir in ähnlichen Projekten erfahren. Interesant ist allerdings der rechtliche Aspekt: Tun Sie niemals so etwas ohn ärztliche Konsultation.