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06.März, Szene International

Von Uri Geller erfährt man so nebenbei, dass doch Remote Viewer vor drei Jahren mitgeholfen haben, Saddam Hussein zu finden. Er meint auch, das RV-Projekt sei vom CIA nie begraben worden. Geller hat die Information "aus höchsten Regierungskreisen".

Zitat: The experiment, conducted on 3 November 2003, suggested that Saddam Hussein would be found crouching in a subterranean room or cave, beneath an ordinary-looking house on the outskirts of a small village near Tikrit, that is reached by a tunnel. And the former leader, they said, would look like a homeless person, with a ratty salt-and-pepper beard. He would have a gun and some money but would not put up any resistance.

All of these statements, subsequently, were scored as hits. And the drawings showed striking similarities with the diagrams and related evidence presented by the US military when they announced Saddam’s capture.

Four days after the experiment, the Pentagon announced that a special “covert commando force to hunt Saddam Hussein” had been formed. He was captured more than five weeks later, on 16 December.